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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Prize-Winning UK Journalist admits CIA own the worlds media

"The CIA own the worlds media" says Nick Davies.

Nick Davies is a very experienced, prize winning british journalist. He has had his own special series of articles in a famous national newspaper called "The Guardian." I went to a public lecture given by him here in Brighton (England) on Thu 05 Feb 2009.

To me, the most important thing he said was "The CIA own the worlds media." He also said: "Military and intelligence manipulate the media for political purposes.

"[I (personaly) believe that this manipulation is part of a governmental control mechanism best labelled "Psychological Warfare." I hope to elaborate on this elsewhen.]

And, by "Government" I mean "the military-industrial complex." I don't mean politicians. Politics is just the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.  Elected politicians are just flunkies, controlled by some combination of "big money" and the military - not by the votes of "the many"]

He said lots of other interesting things which I'll report on while I'm here.

But first I'll say that he's written a book called "Flat Earth News" which gives examples of government lying. I very strongly recommend it. (Here is a review in "The Independent")

At the public lecture he said:
  • Military and intelligence manipulate media for political purposes.
  • The biggest media controllers are the CIA.
  • The CIA own the worlds media. They call it "Strategic Comunications"
  • He gives example of a journalist for the Observer who was manipulated by the CIA and MI6, who is now the editor of the Independent
He also said:

Journalists DONT check facts, let alone do original research. They just print press releases or whatever is on the news wires (such as Reuters.)

80% of what journalists produce is either press release or newswire.

Journalists recycle or "churn" without verifying or checking any facts. Chained to the keyboards they don't go out to check the facts.

There used to be people in journalism whose job was to check the facts. They were called "sub-editors". They don't exist any more

Journalism is collapsing and disintegrating. Journalists are being sacked in huge quantities.

Almost all the local (british) newspapers are now owned by one of 4 huge corporations

[He didn't say that people have stopped reading newspapers because they have become disillusioned by the lies in the media - but I think it is likely to the major factor!]

[He didn't mention blogs at all!!]

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