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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Evidence-Based Account of The Assassination of President J F Kennedy.

The Evidence-Based Account of The Assassination of President J F Kennedy.

There is plenty of official evidence about who killed JFK and how.

So many americans didn't believe the official story about the assassination of President Kennedy that in 1992 Congress passed a law called the "President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992" whose longer title "An Act to provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy" reveals more about its intent.

This act mandated that records relating to Kennedy be put into the National Archives so that proper historians would be given a chance to go through them and produce a proper history.

That same law also established a body called the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB.) This was a group of people with high enough security clearance to go through confidential government records and de-classify as many of them as they.   The de-classified records were to put into the National Archives so that proper historians could go through them and produce a proper history. (Better account of the ARRB here)

One of the people appointed to the ARRB was Douglas Horne - a proper historian with a degree in history etc who was considered stable, sane and credible enough to be given a security clearance by the US government and employed by it as an historian. He was hired onto the ARRB as a Senior Analyst on the Military Records Team, and was later promoted to the position of Chief Analyst for Military Records (i.e., the Head of the Military Records Team).

In 2009 Douglas Horne published a 5 volume treatise on the Assassination of Kennedy called "Inside the Assassination Records Review Board"

It takes 5 volumes because everything he says includes a reference to the National Archives such as a sworn affidavit or an official "After Action Report" etc.

So - as mandated by law - a proper historian went though the National Archives and produced a proper history - in response to a law passed specifically for that purpose!

So...what did Mr Horne discover? Well - amongst many other things - he discovered an explanation for the two different descriptions of the medical wounds suffered by Kennedy. 

His video "Finally hearing the TRUTH about the JFK cover-up" provides an overwhelming amount of proof that JFK's murder was, in fact, a coup d'├ętat and not the work of Lee Harvey Oswald - the man who correctly identified himself on national TV as "a patsy" not too many hours before Jack Ruby murdered him in the basement of a police station, live on national television.

This video is six hours long but it contains five highly interesting lectures. Remember, this is a heavily evidenced commentary from a proper historian considered sane and patriotic enough to be given a security clearance.

To me the single most important bit of evidence that Mr Horne uncovered is two eye-witnesses to the president's body being altered BEFORE the autopsy.  These witnesses were Tom Robinson and Ed Reed.  As Mr Horne says himself:-
We now know, from the new evidence revealed in Inside the ARRB, that two witnesses, Tom Robinson of Gawler’s funeral home, and Navy enlisted x-ray technologist Ed Reed, both witnessed the illicit, clandestine, post-mortem surgery to President Kennedy’s cranium — surgery whose goal was to "sanitize the crime scene" by removing all evidence of frontal shots from the body — well before the official autopsy began at 8:00 PM.
Douglas Horne - JFK's phonied up autopsy

Here is a shorter version (1h 16m) of Horne talking just about the Medical Cover-Up. The part about the Head Wound which starts at minute 31 is - in my opinion - the single most convincing evidence.

JFK - The Medical Cover-Up from E2 Films on Vimeo.

Here is a 15 minute summary of his case by Doug Horne.  It lists 12 of his best points.

He concludes the video with the advice "Never blindly accept the pronouncements of authority on issues of great importance - study the evidence for yourself and make up your own mind."

The silence is deafening.

So far only ONE proper historian has gone through these records and his name is Douglas Horne.  No other historian has used the records that were put there by law expressly for them to use. Millions of pages of evidence about one of the most controversial events in world history.  An event in history that is so controversial that a law was passed specifically to make records available to historians and yet - so far - only ONE proper historian has.

The Silence is Deafening!

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