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02 December 2017
Add another picture to the "Art Gallery" page
07 November
Add Video about Vincent Van Gogh to Art Gallery
24 October 2017
Add more Pictures to Art Gallery - Government is terrorism

08 October 2017
Add Picture to Art Gallery - casualties in war are civilians

21 September 2017
Add quote about One Planet from David Milliband

20 September 2017
Addition to the "Sustainable Happiness Is No Laughing Matter" article
More "Art" in the Art Gallery

10 August 2017
Tweaked article about sea level rise and Brighton

12 July 2017
Tweaked the MLK article and The Cost of Climate Change to Britain article

22 Feb 2017
More tweaks to article about the IPCC reports being political rather than Scientific

20 Nov 2016
Added more pictures to the Art Page.

14 Nov 2016
More tweaks to article about sea level rise and Brighton

12 Oct 2016
Added lotsa  meaningful pictures to Art Page
22 Sept 2016
Tweaks to blog articles about IPCC and also Sea level rise.

09 Sept 2016
Article about IPCC reports on Climate Change

15 August 2016
Tweaked article about Sea Level in Brighton

11 July 2016
Tweaked Article about Fiat Money - added a picture

14 June 2016
Tweaked article about European Empires

08 April 2016
Article about Torture in Kenya

15 March 2016
Some new articles about The EU
"The European Union is just a Puppet of The Empire of The US"
"Which European Empire will we secede from? The one with 47 states or the one with 28??"

05 Aug 2014
Discovered that some browsers don't show animated gifs - so added still pictures to compensate for this failing.

23 May 2014
Just started updating this list again after neglecting it for one year

08 August 2013
Tweaked the "Hide the Incline" bog entry.

20 July 2013
Added "Hide the Decline" blog entry

03 July 2013
Tried using "BLOCKQUOTE" tags in the Social Credit bog article

25 May 2013
Added to blog entry on Social Credit

09 May 2013
Tweaked blog entry on Social Credit

10 April 2013
Added an extra page of pictures called "MyArtWork"

20 Mar 2013
Tried adding an Animated Gif behind the main page title - didn't work - Gif wouldn't animate

12 Mar 2013
Add some Animated Gifs - just for decoration

16 August 2012
Slightly alter my article about Quantative Easing - Add another example to "Appendix 02" about Fractional Reserve Rates

01 August 2012
Slightly alter my poem "War is not peace" to include the line "War Called Peace." 

"27 June 2012
Add my documentary on Fluoride called "Fluoride And Truth Decay." It is in
My Video Documentaries

28 May 2012
Add photographs of David Bellamy, Johhny Ball and Peter Sissons to my article about them called :-

07 May 2012
Add a letter from the family of Dr Martin Luther King. Their statement about the civil trial and other legal proceddings.

03 Mar 2012
Replaced an old link to "10:10 eco-fascist child murdering movie" in my Global Warming article with a new link, because the Eco-Fascists had removed the old one. Luckily, others have put it back onto the web at new locations. Hence the new link.

20 Jan 2012
Gave Tony Farell an Article of his own by extracting the material about him from another Article.

13 Jan 2012
Added two volumes of the ML King trial transcript to this blog - trying to preserve it.
Volume 1  Volume 2

06 Jan 2012
Altered the MLK ( article to show the new location of the Trial Transcript on the King family website

20 December 2011
Added more pictures to the Index article - "Bob Dobbs" and George Orwell - what a pair!

13 December 2011
Added more pictures to the Index article on the main page..
They are based around George Orwell

12 December 2011
Added a picture to the Index article on the main page..
It thanks the corporate media for controlling the masses.

01 December 2011
Added a new page called "GoToSeeLinks"
This page will hold links to sites that I value as high "Quality"

15 November 2011
On the eve of war with Iran
Added a short ironic note about how "Britain makes war in a loving and peaceful way."
see War is not peace

23 September 2011
Added another video with Tony Farell - Police Intelligence analyst
He is interviewed on "Edge TV" with Ian R Crane.
see My Video Documentaries

16 September 2011
Added a letter from Tony Farell - Police Intelligence Analyst.
see My Video Documetaries
06 September 2011
Added an entry about how feudal and un-democratic my country is.
The united kingdom is NOT a democracy

01 September 2011
Added an audio recording to my amateur video documentaries of police officer Tony Farell sacked for talking about the 7_7 London Bombings.  It is in the video headed "Tony Farell on 7 7 ("The London Bombings" on 07/07/2005)"

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