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Saturday, 6 February 2016

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Money and Finance

Governments CAN Just Create Money Out of Nothing
This is about Fiat Money, Quantative Easing, Fractional Reserve Banking and Monetary Reform

Governments SHOULD Just Create Money Out of Nothing
Previous governments HAVE just created their own money out of nothing - especially CANADA.
Quantative easing for the people - Social Credit

Financial Warfare
The US is attempting to conquer the world by just printing money. (Assumes that you have read the previous blog article called Governments Can Just Create Money out of "Nothing"")

How Big Is The US debt?
The US Government and US Bank Assets

How Big Is a Trillion?
You need to read this article to understand the financial articles such as "How Big Is The US Debt?"

Global Warming

Will Brighton Be Swallowed By The Sea?
Global Warming, Climate Change and the Level of the Sea in the English Channel.

Sustainable Happiness is no laughing matter
My government has taken direct political control of happiness

IPCC Reports are Politics NOT Science
The IPPC reports are written by politicians not scientists

Hide The Decline
There WAS a decline and it WAS hidden

Hide The Incline
About the ice at the North Pole

Global Warming
A political lie - a scientific hoax

The Power that Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Alarmists have over the Main Stream Media
David Bellamy, Johnny Ball. Peter Simpson - all victimised.

How much the Global Warming Catastrophists Will Cost Britain
The Climate Change Act

Sustainable Development :- Agenda 30 takes over from Agenda 21
Sustainable Development :- Totalitarian Dictatorship


Martin Luther King Killed by US Government::- Proved in a US Court Of Law
Politically - my most important blog article

The King family statement about the limited investigation
The King family speak

The Evidence-Based History of What Happened to President J F Kennedy.
Douglas Horne And The Assassination Records Review Board.

Which European Empire will we secede from? The one with 28 countries or the one with 47 countries?
About the coming (2016) referendum

The European union is just a puppet of the USA
Historian evidences that USA were founders of EU and the Bilderburger group

Canada and Australia Admit Genocide
Canada and Australia publically admit genocide

British Tortured Kenyans and Murdered Them
The British government admitted torture in a British Court of Law

Recent British War Crimes
More, recent British war crimes

Tony Farrell - ex UK policeman fired for his opinions about 911
Tony Farrell - ex UK policeman fired for his opinions about 911

American Imperialism - What the current wars and the future war(s) are really all about
Political satire

The United Kingdom is NOT a democracy
Examples of ways in which the UK is not a democracy

You may ignore Politics but Politics does not ignore You
My very first Blog article. This explains the aims of this Blog.

War is Not Peace
A short ironic poem about how "Britain makes war in a loving and peaceful way."


My Video Documentaries
Some amateur documentaries that I made.

Prize-Winning UK Journalist admits CIA own the worlds media
A Journalist called Nick Davies has written an interesting book called "Flat Earth News."

Other Stuff

Astrologers are lying liars
Astrology criticised by an amateur Astronomer


   April 4th is a date that connects George Orwell and Dr. Martin Luther King.

April 4, 1984” is the date that Winston Smith (of George Orwell’s novel "1984") wrote on the first page of his secret diary. He knew that the surveillance state - called “Big Brother” in the novel - would execute him for having private opinions that contradicted government propaganda.

April 4, 1968 is the date of the execution of Martin Luther King, Jr. by American Deep State assassins within (or hired by) the US government.


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